Idea: UniKit

Here’s an idea: an opensource WordPress theme & plugin for Universities. The “UniKit” would instantly deliver best practices and frequently used features to WordPress. It’s like a Jetpack for Universities. 

We could offer:

  • Guaranteed accessibility of design and content.
  • Edu-centered Blocks like faculty profiles, directories and SIS data
  • Pattern Libraries to maintain brand standards
  • Easy onboarding with .edu user authentication
  • Campus-specific roles for different university stakeholder.
  • A robust knowledgebase
  • What else?

Our features would be defined by a cohort of University staff and vendors. Copywriters, coders, designers, system admins, users, .. everyone would be needed to build this project.

To build it, I imagine we would:

  1. Build a team
  2. Define requirements
  3. Prototype
  4. Test
  5. Redefine Requirements
  6. … and so on…

This would be an Open Source project, so we would also probably need to raise money and/or get our bosses to commit hours. We can offer sponsorship and create slides for University Executives on how open source is cost beneficial.

WordPress is doing a similar project for Newsrooms. Checkout the newspack blog (particularly, check out their FAQs).

What do you think? Should we move forward? I hope we can (I already bought the domain 😬).

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