11% of Decubing’s Revenue Supports Indie Journalism Through September
Decubing Web Services is donating 11% of our revenue to organizations that support independent journalism. The Prison Journalism Project received our first donation. Additional donations will be made at the end of every billing cycle until September 15th.

Decubing has a long history with independent journalism. When The Times-Picayune laid off more than 200 employees, Decubing’s founder, Blake Bertuccelli, launched NolaVie (now ViaNolaVie) to support out-of-work journalists. ViaNolaVie led to countless web projects that sustain everyone from ecologists of The Solution Journal to the student writers of Umbra Lit Mag.

Now, we want to give back to Journalism. Three months of our revenue will be donated directly to journalism organizations that matter. You can help us choose where that donation goes by tweeting us @decubing or emailing

Beyond just our donation, we hope our 11% initiative inspires new opportunities to sustain the journalism that is the lifeblood of our free and open society. 

Wish us luck!

About Decubing

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Photo by Wilson Vitorino.