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Creating & Supporting Digital Teams

From staffing to training, Decubing provides a range of services to launch and advance your digital team.

Staffing Services

Decubing finds the best candidates for technical and managerial roles on digital teams.

We work closely with HR, IT, and marketing departments to focus job requirements on useful technical skills and modern management methodologies. Our process begins with an internal review to determine an organization’s unique technological and personnel requirements. We’re then able to host on-site interviews and present recommendations to executive staff.

Success Story: MSG Networks

The Madison Square Garden Company wanted to develop WordPress teams to handle internal communication projects. Decubing worked with MSG’s CTO to create key positions to handle their WordPress projects. An external staffing agency brought in a wide variety of applicants that Decubing then sifted through by evaluating resumes and performing onsite technical interviews. We developed HR-approved evaluation guidelines and made our final recommendations to the CTO. Madison Square Garden has since used Decubing’s staffing requirements to deploy several Digital Media cohorts across their national offices.

Agile Technology & Workflow Integration

Digital Teams rely on Decubing to integrate modern tech and methods. 

Many of the digital teams we work with have time-tested processes that are in dire need of updating. We’re strong proponents of automation, version control, and the agile methodology, and have worked with teams to enhance their workflows using tools like Git, Composer, Trello, WP-CLI, Plop, Jenkins and other automation and unit testing solutions. Decubing works with stakeholders to determine both technology requirements and an integration process. After we’ve developed a plan, our work includes onsite training and ongoing support that’s tailored to organization’s needs.

Success Story: Peoples Health

Peoples Health wanted a digital media team integrated into their marketing department. After staffing was complete, Decubing worked 1-on-1 with the new team to develop a WordPress infrastructure ( The process included training IT employees on GitHub-based workflows, developing “boilerplate” WordPress code that the team could deploy on new projects, and handling internal support requests while managers integrated the new team into the company’s departmental ecosystem.

Professional Development

Digital teams must stay on the cutting edge of technological advancement to compete in today’s digital economy.

Decubing builds professional development programs that are tuned to the unique interests of each digital team. We work with digital teams to assess their existing workflows and aspirations. Our curricula focus on addressing any identified pain points with new methods or technology, always with the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency and reliability of the team’s work. In addition to providing our own expertise, we can invite visiting experts to offer workshops and lectures.

Success Story: Tulane University

Vicki Mayer, Associate Dean of Tulane University’s Department of Communications, was curious about predictive analytics. Particularly, she hoped her classes could help build a recommendation engine on a student-run website, “”. Decubing created a curriculum that introduced predictive analytics to both staff and students with a dashboard that displayed user data profiles. Our two-day exercises included an overview of best practices as we collectively developed the recommendation engine with technical and non-technical participants. The engine was successfully deployed to the website, and we’ve been invited to repeat our curriculum to a new cohort in the Spring.

Additional Thought Leadership

Building & advancing your digital team.

Blake Bertuccelli, Founder of Decubing, has over 15-years of experience managing the buildout of digital products that range from automation software to mission-critical websites. We’re happy to discuss how our thought leadership can make your digital team more valuable and efficient.

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