Newspack - Bespoke Support
Harness the power of Newspack, the WordPress platform for independent journalism.

Newspack offers an all-in-one solution for small and medium-sized news organizations looking to drive revenue and build an audience.

Decubing enhances Newspack’s offerings with custom themes, stylized editorials, and advanced support for your unique brand of journalism.

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Newspack F.A.Q.s

What’s Decubing’s experience with Independent Journalism?

Decubing got our start supporting independent journalism. In 2012, The Times-Picayune laid off more than 200 employees. With Living section editor, Renee Peck, we launched ViaNolaVie (formally “NolaVie”) to publish the work of talented reporters without a newsroom. The project became a model for citizen journalism and is now run by Tulane University’s Department of Communication.

In addition to ViaNolaVie, we support the work of The Lens, The Solutions Journal, Scalawag magazine, Antigravity Magazine, and Umbra.

How does Newspack customization work?

We schedule an initial review of your current site to identify where you need enhanced Newspack service. Our design and development team uses the initial review to create a cost and time estimate that you can approve. Once approved, we get work with regular project reviews.

Can everything be customized?

Just about! Our team is experienced working within Newspack. We can create a fully customized user experience and network infrastructure without sacrificing Newspack functionality.

Is Newspack right for our organization?

Newspack is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized publishers looking for…

  • flexible publishing tools that can be easily changed and modified.
  • revenue development using industry best practices for turning visitors into subscribers.
  • user engagement tools built directly into your site.

That said, out-of-box Newspack installations do offer a limited selection of visual styles (that’s where we come in!). If you are a publisher considering switching to Newspack but concerned about the platform reflecting your brand identity, schedule a meeting!

Do we have to pay the $750+/mo Newspack fee?

While we encourage most organizations to pay for Newspack services, Newspack plugins and themes are licensed as Open Source software. That means Decubing can launch a site using many of Newspack’s tools without the cost of Newspack support.

How much does Decubing charge?

If you are just getting started, basic Newspack installations and hosting is offered at affordable rates. Those basic installations include content hosting, a Newspack training session, and Slack chat support. Advanced services like data migrations and custom editorials are also available. Again, you can schedule a meeting to discuss all our pricing options.