Celebrating Tradition with Technology: Decubing’s Revamp of the NewOrleans.com Holiday Website

WordPress, WooCommerce, Custom maps and integrated APIs.

As a blend of technology and tradition, Decubing has revamped the NewOrleans.com holiday website, enhancing the visitor’s journey through the heart of New Orleans during the holiday season. Utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, we’ve integrated custom maps, e-commerce features, and various APIs offering filterable holiday listings maps, aggregating data from diverse sources. Our unique addition includes custom shopping cart tools, allowing partners to submit and update their listings as required. We’ve also instated tailored reporting solutions for easily digestible printouts for administrators. Furthermore, to honor a classic Creole dining tradition dating back to the mid-1800s, the website highlights the city’s top restaurants serving up four-course holiday meals, reminiscent of the Christmas feasts following midnight mass.

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