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About Decubing

With a combined experience of 23 years, Blake & Ezra Bertuccelli launched Decubing to revolutionize how digital projects are crafted. We deliver a range of web-based solutions with our network of engineers, designers, and consultants.

Our expertise includes:
Front-end Design and Development, Web Workforce Management, UX Design (“Responsive Website Design” and user testing), App and Site Development (PHP, HTML, XML, JSON, Javascript, jQuery, Node, Vue, Electron, MySQL, MongoDB, CSS and SCSS development), WordPress Theme, Plugin and API Development(REST/RESTful & SOAP), git Workflow Design, GitHub / BitBucket integration, 508 and W3C standards, LAMP Administration, Cloud Administration (Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, Digital Ocean), unit and integration testing, DevOps, predictive analytics, search, A/B testing, and AdWords optimization.

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