Accessibility + WordPress: Decubing’s Commitment to Open Source Access

Decubing Web Services is passionate about making the Internet more accessible for everyone. We’re excited to announce we’re committing 100 hours of development work to accomplish tasks with the WP Accessibility team. Our goal: make WordPress the most accessible content management system in the world.

The WordPress Logo, a large W, is in the middle of a 3D graphic world of computers and people using various assitive devices like wheelchairs. The image was generated to embody the themes of web accessibility and WordPress integration, as discussed in the blog post.
Photo Generated by DALL-E via OpenAI’s Chat GPT 4.

Why WordPress?

WordPress leads the CMS market with a 64.2% share, powering 43.1% of all websites globally. This influence positions WordPress as a key player in advancing web accessibility.

Why Accessibility?

An alarming 96.8% of top websites fail basic accessibility audits, underscoring the need for improvement. In the U.S., 13% of the population lives with disabilities, emphasizing the impact accessible web design can have.

Accessibility in Action

Accessible design aids users with various impairments. Features like screen reader compatibility and keyboard-friendly design are crucial for inclusivity.

Join the Movement

Join Decubing and the WordPress Accessibility team in creating an inclusive internet. Start by exploring the WordPress Accessibility Handbook and contribute to a more accessible web.




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