The Age of Access: Building a Wise and Connected Planet Through Web Accessibility

We are born knowing nothing. Through the free exchange of information, our lives improve. That idea inspired democracy, public education, free libraries, and the Internet. Unfortunately, the Internet, a tool designed to access information easily, restricts content from those who need it most. 

People with disabilities, those with poor connectivity, and the elderly cannot access the content they need to participate in our digitized world. That’s why a new epoch in our technological life is needed; we need an age of access.

This age of access will foster tool that adapts to individuals and their abilities. Consider the person with visual impairments. Their learning journey is halted by what their screen reader can navigate. Also, consider the student in a rural area with limited internet connectivity, struggling to complete assignments for a degree, or an elderly person who can’t find information on new medication because of complex website interfaces. Those lives can be improved with better technology, and we must work toward an age of access.

That is why I’m pledging today: I will devote myself to building an age of access. I will create inclusive digital spaces, foster critical thinking, and champion diverse viewpoints. My goal is to build a wise and connected planet. 

Only when we all have access to information can we all rise, and I am committed to working toward a future that gives every human the greatest opportunities for success.

Blake Bertuccelli-Booth
Owner, Decubing Web Services




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